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Emotional Wellness Coaching to Empower YOU to go from
Anxiety to Achievement

Anxiety to Achievement

The process coaches you to become a PURPOSEFUL leader and teaches a proven process for sustainable results, then mentors you to deliver at least $100,000 in program sales.

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Why I’m Passionate

After 30 years of healing, I can finally say I’ve found my purpose.  I have the pleasure of EMPOWERING depressed and anxious female entrepreneurs with the tools and skills to manage their mental health and create a guaranteed six-figure business built on their passion.

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Kathryn Jingling has passionately empowered women struggling with their mental health since 2010. Her passion and expertise come from her life challenges and experiences.

With her certifications in CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), DBT (Dialectical Behavioural Therapy), Mindfulness, and as an accredited Life Coach, Kathryn is very effective as a professional emotional wellness coach for women entrepreneurs by providing the tools to manage their mental health and the support to create a business built on their passion.

It is Kathryn’s ability to talk from her heart that brings a feeling of comfort and ease to follow your desires and, with confidence, build a successful business. But it really starts with you. Kathryn will provide the skills, tools and support you need to get there.

30 minutes can change your life!

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Practitioner

Emotional Wellness Certiciation


Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Practitioner

Life Coaching Practitioner

Health Coach Certification

Mindfulness Practitioner

Success Guaranteed

Anxiety to Achievement

Are you feeling STUCK, OVERWHELMED by limiting beliefs & PARALYZED by the challenges of Anxiety & Depression?  FEARFUL & LACKING the confidence to know where to even begin in creating a PURPOSE-DRIVEN business?

IMAGINE, INSTEAD: having the right STRATEGY in place to enable the CLARITY & CONFIDENCE that your anxiety and depression are no longer barriers to your success BUT rather POWERFUL resources.  To be FREE of the feelings & beliefs that have kept you stuck, unable to move forward in business & the ABILITY to tap into your PASSION to create a six-figure PURPOSE-driven business. →GUARANTEED←

The BEST part?

The process coaches you to become a PURPOSEFUL leader and teaches a proven process for sustainable results, then mentors you to deliver at least $100,000 in program sales. The five stages are:

1. Unleash Your True Self

2. Profitable Passion Strategic Plan

3. Monetize: Pre-Sell $20,000 In Programs

4. Open The Floodgates: Lead Generation

5. Scale To Six Figures

What Others Say About Me

Kathryn is an incredible emotional wellness coach with a wealth of tools, skills and lessons for life improvement! I found myself inspired, motivated, and even challenged to reconnect with myself and ultimately become the best version of myself. I would highly recommend her!

Sharon McDowel 

I am extremely thankful to know Kat and strongly recommend her services to anyone looking to get the most out of their life! She has been incredibly supportive, and the tools she provides are simple to follow, easy to use and very effective in changing how I live my life. I love that I always have an ‘action plan’ to work on and implement right away. I’ve always considered myself “happy and satisfied” with my life. However, Kat has inspired me to reach even higher and not settle for anything; she uncovered barriers and desires I didn’t even realize. She has inspired me to dream, providing me with methods to help me break free from the “daily grind” and instead enjoy this journey called life.

Sara T.

When I started my wellness journey, I wasn’t sure what to expect. You instantly put my mind at ease by telling me there was no “right” way; instead, it is personal. Your upbeat style and positive outlook left me feeling uplifted and challenged. I feel like I’ve learned more about myself and have become more confident in myself.

Kristina Johnsen

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