Entrepreneurs & Mental Health

Entrepreneurs & Mental Health

Entrepreneurs & Their Mental Health

The definition of Entrepreneurship is the occupational choice of individuals to work for themselves; however, it is also looked upon as the most stressful career choice.  Before making it “big,” many entrepreneurs struggled through moments of near-debilitating anxiety and despair.  Depression and other mood disorders can significantly undermine founder performance and contribute to issues such as ​burnout and the inability to “show up” for important meetings as well as poor decision making in general.



While many entrepreneurs are great at making things look good on the outside, what isn’t seen is the exhaustion, numbness and debilitating depression.  Creativity, being innovative, goal attainment, and achievement motivation are the same traits that make someone an “amazing entrepreneur;” but are also linked with mental health challenges that test one’s ability to function well.



Anxiety can result in crippling fear making it difficult for entrepreneurs to run their business successfully. The result can be in the form of being quick to anger, indecisive, depressed, and prone to panic attacks. Intense and chronic anxiety can cause the impairment of decisions, loss of confidence, isolation and decreased physical health and poor lifestyle choices.