Transform Your Anxiety And Excess Energy Into Opportunity

Transform Your Anxiety And Excess Energy Into Opportunity

If you live with the challenges of anxiety or panic attacks, there are ways you can transform it into opportunity. Strategies are like turning lemons into lemonade. What you start with is sour, but what you end up with is sweet!

These tips can assist you in dealing with anxiety positively.  They can even support you by providing new outlets and thus reduce the excess energy.


Here are a few techniques to help you transform your anxiety into opportunity:

  1. Re-focus your excess energy. Take the excessive energy that comes with anxiety and its moods and focus it on something constructive. For example, you have been putting off household chores, such as cleaning closets.  Putting your energy into projects will enable you to get it done in record time!
  2. Write about your challenges with anxiety. Write about everything you’re experiencing. What you have written might surprise you. By sharing it with others can benefit you as well or using it to help in the future when you’re overly anxious.
  3. We all have said that we’re going to start an exercise program, but have we? Probably not. However, your anxious energy can be the force that propels you to start your new exercise routine.  The endorphins your body releases can actually stop an anxiety attack.
  4. Even if you don’t have the voice of an angel breathing in and out, it is a natural way to heal panic attacks.
  5. Help others. Focus on helping others; you can take your mind off your worries, give you a different perspective on life, and bring you satisfaction.
  6. Do something about your worries. For example, if you worry about the environment, you can start a recycling center or hold green meetings in your home to discuss ways you can reduce your carbon footprint.


These are just a few of the ways you can transform your anxiety into opportunity.  You can reduce your anxiety by focusing that excess energy on positive habits while also making a difference in yourself and the world.