Three things that are keeping you from discovering your life purpose

by | Aug 14, 2020 | Purpose | 0 comments

You’ve longed to discover your purpose in life. You do the work to discover what makes you feel fortunate and satisfied with your life. But what is preventing you from fulfilling that purpose? What keeps you feeling stuck or trapped?  Feeling frustrated, even depressed, at your lack of progress certainly doesn’t help.

What can you do to get out of that rut?  You can decide to take control and identify what is preventing you from pushing forward.  The chances are, you’re in the grip of one or more of these common things that prevent people from discovering and living your life mission.

  1. Self-doubt

Even the best of us can fall prey to self-doubt at some point. It’s a way to keep yourself safe in a -confusing world. It is the fear of failure that can hold us back from recognizing your true potential.  We live in a world that values notable success and wealth; striking out for something you believe in can be risky.

But if you stay stuck in a fearful mindset, it’s guaranteed you will never achieve anything. Staying small prevents you from acting; it prevents you from growing and being your best self.

  1. Other people’s opinion

Self-doubt feeds off caring what other people think. There will always be an abundance of naysayers trying to stop you from living your dreams. And it’s a cast-iron guarantee that whatever your life purpose is, there will be people who doubt your vision and your ability to attain it.

However, there will also be people who support and believe in you. You should be your biggest cheerleader! You don’t need consent to fulfill your purpose in life. The will to pursue your passion is the only thing you need.

  1. Lacking intention

There isn’t much talk about this part of living your purpose.  But it is an integral part of staying true to your purpose.

Step up and be intentional about your purpose in life. Approach it by staying organized and giving it the awareness it deserves.

That means being accountable, writing it down, and having a plan. Start by taking the attention off yourself and think about the impact you want to have on the world.